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Ourchetype Interactive Experience

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Design is a discipline that focused on its users. Through Ourchetype, Tujusemesta invited visitors to explore themselves through one of the Jungian psychological theories.

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Good Design 2023

Through Ourchetype as well Tujusemesta offer an alternative exhibition method that defines design with the focused on the dynamic atmosphere of visitors as the main art instead the artists themselves.

Credits :

Interactive Concept : Andi Abdulqodir, Arum Kartika, Gina Suci, Chairun Ramadhan

Lab Division : Chairun Ramadhan

Interactive Lighting : Motionbeast

Visual Concept : Esa Apriansyah

Production Team : Rizal Fauzi, Adri Prasetyo, Fajar Wildan Firdaus

Social Media Specialist : Lavenia Defina

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